Here are the benefits of Omega 3 for health and treating disease

Detik Health - Omega 3 is one type of unsaturated fat that is indispensable to the body. But unfortunately the body is not able to produce its own type of fat like this, so the need for this type of fat should be obtained through food intake. Since the Omega 3 is indeed required by the body, here are some explanations regarding the benefits of Omega 3 for health.

Detik Health - benefits of Omega 3 for health and treating disease
Omega 3 content in fish

Benefits of Omega 3 for health and treating diseases

Lowering high cholesterol levels

A study has ever done, by routinely consuming fish rich in omega 3, it is very beneficial to increase good cholesterol and is also shown to be able to lower triglyceride and LDL levels in the blood.

Improving child development

Children who often consume omega 3 are very good at helping their physical and mental development.

Improving brain health

Omega 3 is very good for improving the health of our brains, because Omega 3 affects the development of cell membranes in the neurological system inside the brain, in addition to that Omega 3 can improve the memory so it is suitable for those who are often the Forget / Senile.

Lower risk of heart disease

Omega 3 is very beneficial to prevent the disease that is affiliated with the heart, because Omega 3 can make the organ arterial become more pliable. Additionally Omega 3 can also lower the risk of high blood pressure.

Reducing depression

For those of you who often experience mild depression, Omega 3 is very good for consumption. Anti-Inflammatory contained in Omega 3 is very good to help restore the condition of diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, asthma and also arthritis.

Reduce the risk of blood clotting

Omega 3 can also help lower the risk of blood clotting, so it can help reduce the risk of blood vessel blockage cause stroke. Good for pregnant women, Omega 3 is essential for improving mental and physical health in the sicots that are being conceived.

Reducing menstrual pain

For women who often experience pain during menstruation, you can consume Omega 3 so that the pain during menstruation can be reduced.

Preventing Alzheimer's disease

For people who often consume Omega 3 daily proved to be able to lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Good for diabetics

Omega 3 is also well consumed for diabetics, because based on Omega 3 studies it can lower the risk of diabetic disease by two times.

Helps with Vitamin Dbesan

Omega 3 is also useful to help in the event of a fat soluble vitamin that resembles vitamins A, D, E and K. 

Thus some information about the benefits of Omega 3 for health. Also treat diseases. Hopefully this article is useful for readers and thank you for visiting.

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