11 Benefits of Moringa Leaves for health

DetikHealth.NET - Medicinal plants on this one may already be familiar to our ears, yep Moringa. Moringa plants do have a myriad of benefits for health, which is usually used is the leaves. Besides having many benefits these plants are also easily found around us, usually these plants thrive in rural areas. Moringa plants are often made as natural medicinal herbs to treat various types of diseases. Now the following is an explanation of what is in the leaves of Moringa so that it can treat various types of diseases.
DetikHealth.net - Moringa Leaves Nutrition Content and Its Health Benefits

What are the Moringa Leaf Nutrition Content?

Some nutrients contained in Moringa leaves

  • Vitamins A in Moringa leaves 4x higher than carrots.
  • Vitamin B,
  • Vitamin C in Moringa leaves 7x higher than oranges.
  • Vitamin E (higher than milk, carrots and oranges)
  • Moringa leaf protein 2x higher than the egg.
  • Calcium in moringa leaves 4x higher than milk.
For how to process Moringa leaves can be in various ways, you can process Moringa leaves as a vegetable / cooked, can also be made into oil, even you can process Moringa leaves into masks, Moringa leaf powder or tea.

For Moringa leaves which are processed as vegetables, this is very beneficial for pregnant and nursing women. Moringa leaves which are processed into tea, do have more benefits, but this must pay attention to the selection of leaves and the drying process.

The following are some of the health benefits of Moringa leaves for health.

1. Anti-inflammation

The first benefits of Moringa leaves as an anti-inflammatory. It is known that Moringa leaves have anti-inflammatory substances that are useful for preventing inflammation.

2. Amino acid

The second benefit of Moringa leaves is the amino acid content. The high content of amino acids in moringa leaves is useful for maintaining the composition of DNA.

3. Lactation

The third benefit of Moringa leaves is for nursing mothers. The main properties of Moringa leaves are ayurdevux. It is known that these properties trigger lactation in nursing mothers so as to increase breast milk.

4. Cholesterol

The fourth benefit of Moringa leaves, namely as a source of energy and low cholesterol. Moringa leaves are useful to enter the daily diet list and also prevent interference with the cardiovascular system.

5. Energy sources

The fifth benefit of Moringa leaves is as a source of energy for diabetics. You can dry the dau as a tea or by drying it into moringa leaf powder to make a capsule.

6. Nervous system

Benefits of the sixth Moringa leaves to overcome nervous system disorders due to stress or senile. You can dry the dau as a tea or by drying it into moringa leaf powder to make a capsule.

7. Healthy hair

The benefits of the seventh Moringa leaf is to treat hair to stay healthy. As we know that Moringa leaves have a high nutrient content, especially vitamins and minerals needed for hair.

8. Helps digestion

Benefits of the eighth Moringa leaves to help the digestive system. High fiber content is very useful for digestion.

9. Antioxidant

The benefits of the ninth moringa are as antioxidants. As we know that the content of vitamins and antioxidants in moringa leaves helps ward off the effects of free radicals.

10. Take care of the skin

The tenth benefit of Moringa leaves is to treat the skin. The content of vitamin E on moringa leaves can help the skin when regenerating dead skin cells.

11. Acne medication

The benefits of the eleventh Moringa leaves are to deal with acne. The method is quite easy, just by pounding the leaves of the moringa until smooth and stick it on the acne prone skin.

Thus the article about 11 Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves for health, hopefully this article is useful for readers and thank you for visiting.

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