These are the benefits of butterfly pea flowers for health and treatment of disease

Detik HealthButterfly Pea Flower Plant, this plant has the scientific name "Clitoria ternatea". This telang flower plant turns out to have many benefits, you know, not only as eye medication or natural coloring. It turns out that Telang Flower has many health benefits as well to cure or alleviate diseases. well here are some explanations about the benefits of Butterfly Pea flowers for health and also treatment, let's see together:

Detik Health - These are the benefits of butterfly pea flowers for health and treatment of disease
Flowers Butterfly Pea

Memory Booster

Blue tea is believed to have good properties in improving memory. This has been proven through several studies that say that the butterfly pea flower or Clitoria ternatea can help the function of memory and brain.

Relieve anxiety

Some studies also mentioned that butterfly pea flowers in high size have anxiolytic effects that are beneficial in animal experiments. This interest is also known to help the body cope with stress or stress triggers.

Relieve Asthma

Blue tea can work as an expectorant or stimulate expectoration of phlegm from the respiratory tract. Therefore blue tea is claimed to help relieve coughing, fever and asthma.

Reducing Fever Heat

Blue tea is believed to help reduce body heat or fever, by expanding blood vessels under the skin. Wide blood vessels will allow air to cool the blood more easily.

Helping Diabetes Patients

Butterfly pea flowers are known to help inhibit the increase in glucose from food in the body. Therefore, blue tea is believed to help patients with type II diabetes in controlling blood sugar levels.

High Antioxidant

The deep blue color indicates that this flower tea has a very high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are useful in reducing the risk of damage to cells in the body. Antioxidants are also known to slow the effects of aging on the skin and hair.


This blue flower is also known to be rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants that affect anti-inflammatory properties. This is what makes blue tea believed to help increase body immunity.

How to make it

Friends can use Butterfly Pea flowers that are still fresh or dried, please put them in hot water then leave them for about 10 minutes. If you want to mix it with cloves, ginger or lemongrass, you have to boil it first. For one cup, use only 5 flowers.


For pregnant and lactating women it is not recommended to consume them, you can consult your doctor first if you want to consume this plant, so it is safer.

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