Get to know the content of mustard greens and their health benefits and how to process them

Detik Health - Who does not know this one plant ?? Yes, mustard greens are plants that have existed since time immemorial. Chinese mustard plants are included in the vegetable group. Almost all people have tasted and even processed this mustard greens. Vegetable mustard actually has many types, but the most popular in Indonesia are mustard greens and chicory.
Detik Health - Get to know the Mustard Content and Its Benefits for Health and How to Process It
mustard greens
Vegetable mustard that we often encounter and many processed as a mixture of cuisine is green mustard greens or commonly referred to as caisim. If you stop by a shop or a meatball / chicken noodle shop, this vegetable will never be left behind as a mixture of chicken and meatball. if you often hang out at the coffee shop, you will also definitely find green mustard as a cooking mixture for boiled indomie.

Green mustard in addition to having a refreshing appearance, because the green color is attractive and makes our eyes cool, it turns out that these vegetables have many health benefits. Mustard has health benefits because mustard greens contain several vitamins needed by the human body, such as:

Vitamins in Green mustard

  • vitamin B complex (folic acid)
  • vitamin A derived from carotene
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin K

Mineral content in mustard

  • sodium
  • iron
  • potassium
  • Phosphor
  • calcium
With the vitamin content of mustard greens, the benefits generated from these vegetables are numerous. So here are some of the health benefits of green mustard greens:


Chinese cabbage has the benefit of counteracting free radicals and can also protect cells from damage in the body. This is because mustard contains vitamin A and vitamin C which is quite high and added with other compounds so that it can be useful as an anti-oxidant.

Can Remove Toxins from the Body

The next benefits of mustard is that it can detoxify toxins in the body. In the human body there must be toxins, even though the amount is small but if allowed to keep accumulating it would be very dangerous. Mustard helps remove toxins by utilizing the fiber content it has, so that toxins can be removed through the digestive tract. Chlorophyll contained in mustard can also help remove other poisons from the body.

Prevent Cancer

Vegetable mustard can also be useful to prevent cancer, this is because mustard contains a lot of minerals as well as vitamins and antioxidants that are high. Chinese mustard greens also have a sharp aroma and contain glucosinolate components which are apparently able to ward off cancer cell growth.

Maintain Immunity

Chinese cabbage is also useful for maintaining the immune system. The immune system has a duty to fight pathogens that can cause infections. To maintain the immune system, one of them is by maintaining healthy food intake, one of them by consuming mustard greens, because mustard contains vitamin C which is quite high and mustard has anti-inflammatory properties that are useful to prevent inflammation so that it does not become severe.

Maintaining Cholesterol Levels

As we already know that the presence of high bad cholesterol in the blood can be harmful to the body. So to avoid it, many consume lots of green vegetables like mustard greens, because mustard has quite a high antioxidant and can maintain cholesterol levels in the blood and suppress bad cholesterol.

Good for pregnant women

Green vegetables are very good for pregnant women. Because mustard greens contain folic acid which is needed by pregnant women. Folic acid itself is very important for small growth, because it will help cell growth and also small DNA.

Useful For Weight Loss

Vegetable mustard was also beneficial for weight loss. Because mustard greens contain high fiber and are very beneficial for the digestive system. Therefore, mustard greens are very good to be included in the daily diet menu, but must also be balanced with other food intake and also exercise so that the process of weight loss is achieved.

Tips for processing mustard


Many people think that if sauteed vegetables eat the nutrients contained will be lost. It can be said if this is not all true. Please sauteed mustard greens as usual, but it's better to use a little oil to preserve the nutrients.

Steam / Boil

For those of you who are on a diet, how to process mustard greens by steaming / boiling is highly recommended. Please steam / boil mustard greens just a little to keep the nutrients.


The next way is to be processed into juice. This method is quite easy, besides that you can also mix vegetables or other fruits such as carrots, tomatoes, pineapple, you can also add honey to get a sweet taste.

Thus the article about the benefits of mustard for complete health by processing it. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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