10 Benefits of Banana Stems that we need to know

DetikHealth Net - NATURAL HEALTH TIPS - Banana plants are already familiar in our ears. Banana plants besides having sweet fruit, it turns out that the stems of banana plants also have good benefits for health you know. Maybe many of us do not know yet, what are the benefits of this banana stem. Well below, we will try to explain what are the benefits of the banana stem. Let's look together.

Detikhealth.net- Benefits of Banana Stems
Banana Stems

Benefits of Banana Stems for Health 

1. Improve the digestive system

The stems of banana plants also contain natural fibers. This natural fiber will help launch the digestive system in the body. Therefore please consume banana plant stems so that the digestive system becomes smooth.

2. Stabilize Blood Sugar

Stems of banana plants contain low glycemic. This content can prevent blood sugar spikes. That is why banana plant stems are used as ingredients for a mixture of diabetes herbal medicine.

3. Treating Intestinal Sprue

Banana stems are also able to heal wounds or canker sores in the intestine. To use banana stems as intestinal ulcers, please grate the banana stems then squeeze and take the water. Please dew the juice for one night and then drink the next day.

4. Good Diet Program

Not only does it contain fiber, even banana liver juice can make your stomach feel full longer. Then it will suppress your appetite so that the diet program becomes successful.

5. Prevents kidney stones

Banana stems are also useful for preventing kidney stones, because they have a diuretic effect or facilitate urination and also cleanse the kidney ducts. To get these benefits, please drink banana stem cooking water at least 2 times a week. May we be free from kidney stone disease.

6. Neutralize stomach acid

Banana stems are also useful for neutralizing stomach acid. The trick is just to consume banana stem juice every day before breakfast. Besides banana stems can also prevent damage to the stomach wall.

7. Reducing Postpartum Fever

Many women experience fever during childbirth. So that the fever goes down quickly, you can use banana liver, then shredded then use it to compress. Because the grated liver bananas will be soothing and fever will decrease.

8. Cure Infection

Banana stems do contain high levels of potassium and vitamins. With this content, urinary tract infections or UTI can be cured. Please consume banana stems to avoid this infectious disease

9. Detoxification

Banana stem juice is not only beneficial for healthy kidneys, but also useful for detoxification and cleansing of internal organs.

10. Treating Chicken Pox

Banana stems can also be used to cure chickenpox. Now to make the mixture is quite easy, please take the juice of a banana weevil and then please mix it with the benefits of pulosari stems and also fennel. Please boil these 3 mixture until boiling and please drink 2 times a day. Hopefully chicken pox will recover soon.

Now those are some of the benefits of banana plant stems for health. Actually there are many more about the benefits of other trunks, please look at this blog with the menu bar. Hopefully this article is useful and thanks for coming by.

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