Recognize the Symptoms of Diabetes and How to Treat It Using Natural Ingredients

DetikHealth - NATURAL HEALTH TIPS - Many people have experienced / often experience dizziness when standing after sitting or squatting. if like that usually the eyes will look fireflies. Now the question is whether this is normal or there are signs of disease that must be watched for. Here's the comment from the Harvard Medical Center School neurologist.

Quoted from a healthy doctor, Christpen Gibbons, M.D said "that the emergence of dizziness and fireflies when standing after sitting or squatting, occurs because blood pressure drops suddenly.

For those of you who are often dizzy and also eyes of fireflies, no need to worry because this is only natural. But based on the online media of healthy doctors, if the dizziness continues, there could be an indication that you have diabetes. Although not written in detail how it could happen, but people with diabetes memag has something to do with abnormal blood pressure caused by excess blood sugar.

Recognize several factors that cause a person affected by diabetes. What is known is that diabetes is not a contagious disease, but it can be a hereditary disease. In general, diabetes is caused by two factors, namely genetic and non genetic factors.

Genetic factors

Genetic factors or also known as heredity have a big enough role in the emergence of diabetes. To reduce the risk of diabetes, it must maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food.

Non genetic factors

These non-genetic factors are mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyles and also unhealthy eating.

Now in order to avoid the attack of various diseases, it helps us to do a healthy lifestyle. Some of them can be done by doing activities such as:

1. Light exercise

Mild exercise is highly recommended for maintaining physical fitness. If you are really busy then you can do sit ups or push ups. Small run in the area you might also be able to do.

2. Channeling positive hobbies

Channel your positive hobbies as best you can. For example fishing can also be another alternative.

3. Caring for plants at home

Maintaining flora in the home yard has positive benefits for the inhabitants. By taking the time to just water the plants or sweep the yard.

4. Sleep regularly.

Sleep time must be regulated in such a way, because sleep has a function to regenerate cells in the body.

5. Don't stay up

Staying up late can actually reduce the ability of the blood to absorb oxygen, so that these factors can make a person look pale and quickly limp.

So here are some of the symptoms or signs of diabetes that are often not realized, Let's look together:

1. Changes in skin color in certain body parts such as the back of the neck, elbows and base of the fingers that look more red.

2. Vision is brighter or becomes blurred, both signs are usually experienced by someone who is excess insulin or blood sugar.

3. Snoring / snoring during sleep can also indicate the possibility of having a stroke or may also be a sign of diabetes.

4. Changes in the ear that makes less hearing / budeg / bolot. This could also be caused by high blood sugar being prevented immediately.

The thing that needs to be done to avoid diabetes is prevention. Then how do you do prevention to avoid the disease ?? Let's look together:

1. Reduce consumption of white rice.

White rice does have a high sugar content. Consuming too much white rice will increase blood sugar levels.

2. Reduce consumption of artificial sugar.

Artificial sugar is meant here is sugar that is in cooking or canned drinks, because it can trigger increased blood sugar levels. You can consume only as needed.

3. Sleeping time

Sleep after eating will be able to trigger an increase in blood sugar. So it's good if after eating, do not immediately sleep.

4. Avoid prolonged stress.

Prolonged stress will also make a person stay up late, eat a lot, snack and do activities that are not good.

5. Avoid obesity

Obesity will complicate the performance of the insulin gland, the disruption of the insulin gland will increase blood sugar.

To treat diabetes can be done using natural ingredients. Here are some natural ingredients that can be used, let's see together:

 Natural Ingredients for Diabetes

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is known to improve pancreatic performance. One function of the pancreas is to maintain and regulate insulin.

detikhealth - Turmeric

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera can be beneficial for reducing blood sugar levels. How to consume can be boiled or also processed in such a way that is easily consumed without removing the properties of aloe vera.

detikhealth - Aloe vera

3. Drinking green tea

Green tea contains high polyphenol compounds which can help release food glucose. The deposition of glucose in the blood will result in high levels of blood sugar content.
detikhealth - Drinking green tea

Thus the article on how to recognize the signs of diabetes and how to treat diabetes using natural ingredients. But it's good, if you have diabetes immediately consult a doctor in order to get the right direction how to overcome it. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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