7 Benefits of Melon Fruit

DetikHealth Net - Benefits of Melons - If we glance at this one fruit, of course we will be reminded of pumpkin and watermelon, this is because melons are still one type with the fruit, have a round and large fruit and take the meat as food or more often in make fresh juice, the reason is the frequency or more well-known of this fruit as juice, creating some people rarely see the original form of this melon. therefore when asked "you know the melon, they will answer of course yes, but if you ask what it looks like, some people can't answer it, this is an interesting fact isn't it.

detikhealth - Health Benefits of Melon Fruit
Melon fruit

Maybe there are some or even large chapters of people who have not had the benefits and efficacy contained in this melon that has very usefulness for the health of the human body. see below.

1. Source of Vitamin C

Benefits of MelonVitamin C is a vitamin that is very important for the body. Vitamins are antioxidants that counteract free radicals thereby increasing the body's immune system. The daily requirement of vitamin C for adolescents is around 90 mg. One cup of melon can meet 1/3 the daily requirement of vitamin C, or about 30 mg.

2. Source of Vitamin A

Vitamin A has a very important function in the body. Among them is maintaining healthy eyes, teeth, skin, bones, and mucous membranes. In one melon, can provide 25% more vitamin A than daily needs.

3. Rich in Potassium

Potassium or potassium serves to maintain heart health and keep blood pressure stable. Every day, teenagers need 4700 mg of potassium. One cup of melon can provide about 43 mg of potassium for the body to absorb.

4. Lycopene value

Some studies say that lycopene can reduce the risk of attack of several types of cancer also prevent heart attacks. One cup of melon contains 9 mg to 13 mg of lycopene.

5. Prevents Diabetes and Stroke

In addition to some of the benefits above, melons also include fruits that are low in calories and low in fat. Eating fresh fruits that resemble melons can help reduce the risk of developing serious illnesses like diabetes and stroke.

6. Healthy Eyes

Benefits of Melon fruit is also able to nourish the eyes, this fruit is enriched with beta-carotene content which has uses to improve the sharpness of vision and maintain eye health. Beta-carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A and is used to improve eye function.

7. Prevent cancer

Carotenoids are pigments that give color to fruits and vegetables. High carotenoid content in melons is able to prevent cancer, resembling lung cancer and breast cancer.

Who would have thought that if a fruit that looked so ordinary, turned out to have benefits that greatly benefit the health of the human body, it is hoped that there is no Almighty creation that has no use on this earth if we can make the best use of it, thank you for reading the article Benefits of Melons, Hopefully useful.

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