5 fruit to overcome the distended stomach

DetikHealth Net - NATURAL HEALTH TIPS - Having a distended stomach is very disturbing, in addition to being able to interfere with appearance, can also reduce the level of self-confidence as well you know. Having a distended stomach is also often associated with various disease problems. But it is true, the fact that the distended stomach stores various diseases. Distended stomach caused by the amount of fat attached to the abdomen, therefore the stomach looks bigger. Well actually the main factor that causes distended stomach is digestive problems in the body. To overcome the distended stomach, actually can be done in a natural way, only by regularly consuming fruits as will be explained below:
detikhealth.net - 5 fruit to overcome the distended stomach

5 fruit to overcome the distended stomach

1. Avocado fruit

Avocados are fruits with high fiber content. The function of fiber is that it can destroy fat in the stomach. Avocados will give you a longer full feeling, so they will reduce your excessive appetite. Avocados also contain saturated fatty acids that are useful for burning fat in the body quickly. Please consume avocado regularly to reduce body fat.

2. Apple fruit

Same with avocados, apples can also provide a feeling of fullness, so that it will suppress excessive appetite. Not only that, this apple contains a lot of fiber so that it can burn fat in the stomach.

3. Grapes fruit

Same function with the fruit above, it turns out that grapes can also provide a stomach-filling effect. Besides being able to feed the stomach, grapes can also destroy the fat in the stomach. Put grapes into your daily diet, because grapes can help you lose weight if consumed regularly.

4. Watermelon fruit

Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lot of water. Now the benefits of this watermelon is to help hydrate the body well if consumed regularly. With a balanced body fluids, it will avoid the problem of distended stomach. Watermelon fruit also contains other nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins A, and C which can help burn excess fat in your stomach.

5. Papaya fruit

This fruit is a fruit that is rich in enzymes. The enzyme contained in the papaya fruit functions to break down excess fat and also helps the digestive process. A study revealed, that consuming papaya fruit regularly for 10 days in a row, will be able to burn fat at the waist, so the waist is free of fat that has accumulated. Papaya fruit has a very low fat content. So eating papaya fruit is not at risk of causing a distended stomach.

6. Pineapple fruit

Pineapple is a fruit that contains very low calories, this fruit is very good for consumption, because it can help overcome a distended stomach. Pineapple contains fiber and vitamin C, this content serves to increase the body's metabolic processes, and can destroy excess fat in the body, especially in the stomach.

Thus the article about 5 fruit to overcome the distended stomach. May be useful.

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