7 Benefits of Guava Fruit for Health

DetikHealth - Benefits of Guava - This fruit is very hard when it is not ripe, but after the fruit is ripe it will be easy to bite and taste delicious to eat, in the middle there are very many small seeds, this is what is called guava fruit. This fruit has the Latin name Psidium guajava and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. this fruit is very much we find in the village, the reason is that in the area I am also classified as very easy to find, there are even many kinds, ranging from red guava, white guava, guava and which is still homogeneous with it, so it will be on occasion I am very interested in discussing the many benefits contained in this fruit that are already close to Indonesian society.

Guava has a lot of fiber which is certainly very useful for our bodies, and some people still use the buds of guava for natural diarrhea treatment, besides guava fruit has a very high Vitamin C content higher than oranges, and is far higher than the kiwi which is said to be the king of vitamin C.

detikhealth.net - This fruit is very hard when it is not ripe for Health Benefits of Guava
Now from you and I increasingly want to know about the properties of this guava, it would be nice if now we just personally pay attention to the benefits below.

Benefits of Guava for Health

Cure Infection

With its high vitamin C content, this fruit is able to boost the immune system. When consumed when suffering from inflammation of the throat or flu, it will speed up the final healing of the infection.

Prevent cancer

The high content of vitamin C and flavonoid compounds create guava has great antioxidant properties in the ruling arm that can inhibit the production of nitrosamines, cancer-triggering substances. Adequate vitamin C in the blood also encourages the work of selenium in inhibiting cancer cells, especially lung, prostate, breast and colon cancer. Lycopene in red guava can inhibit fat oxidation, thus preventing cancer.

Overcoming Coronary Heart Disease

Potassium levels in guava helps the heart beat more regularly. The content of elagic acid, linoleic acid, korbigen acid, and fiber can also bind fat so as to avoid the formation of plaque, the cause of coronary heart disease.

Overcoming Diabetes

The pectin fiber can play a role in reducing blood glucose levels so that it is suitable for consumption by diabetics.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Guava is also able to reduce high blood pressure the reason is the potassium levels, as well as the fiber that binds fat.

Anti-Inflammatory and Antivirus

Vitamin C plays a role in forming collagen which is useful for wound healing. The flavonoid compounds have the ability to be anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and antiviral.

Other Benefits

According to research, guava leaves can help increase platelet levels in patients with dengue fever. While the fruit is often juiced then given to patients with dengue fever does not have the purpose of increasing platelet levels but rather as a supply of fluid that is lost a lot of end of platelet decline.

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