Treat Gout Using the Benefits of Soursop Leaves

DetikHealth Net - NATURAL HEALTH TIPS - Gout occurs due to a buildup of uric acid in the joints. Gout is often called gout or arthritis. If you experience this disease, usually your joints will feel excessive pain. Gout itself can be cured using various types of drugs, can use prescription drugs or can also use natural medicine. Well it turns out that gout itself can be cured using soursop leaves. - Treat Gout Using the Benefits of Soursop Leaves
Soursop Plant
Soursop leaves themselves contain flavonoids and acetogenin which are suitable for treating gout in the joints, on the knee pieces and fingers. For a gout sufferer, doing daily activities will be very disturbed because the joints will feel very painful. Well here is how to treat gout using soursop leaves.

How to make a natural remedy for gout using soursop leaves

  1. First prepare 6-10 soursop leaves that smell like earth but still remain green
  2. Boil soursop leaves with 2 cups of hygienic water
  3. Wait until it boils and leave until there are about 1 cup left
  4. Strain and drink this mixture twice a day, morning and evening to get maximum benefit.

Thus the information about how to treat gout using soursop leaves and how to process it into medicine. In order to avoid the side effects caused by chemical drugs, it is advisable to use natural medicines to treat diseases, one of which uses natural products. Hopefully this article is useful for loyal readers of natural health tips and thanks for visiting.

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