This is the cause of bowel movements after eating

Detikhealth - Defecation or defecation is a normal activity if done routinely every day. Sometimes this bowel activity also comes at the wrong time making it less comfortable, for example if we are eating or after eating then the stomach becomes heartburn and want to defecate, it will certainly make our comfort reduced. Is this strange if after we eat then immediately heartburn and defecate.
cause of bowel movements

Causes After Eating Instantly Want To Defecate

The process of digestion of food actually lasts for many hours ~ according to health experts. If someone says food that has just been spilled out right away, one can say this is wrong. Because the food released must be the result of digestion that has been running for hours. The cause after eating directly wants BAB can occur because the condition of the stomach is filled with food that has been eaten so that the stomach immediately runs the mechanism to empty the stomach so that it can make room for food that has just been consumed.

If Often Happens, So What?

Although bowel movements after eating are normal, if this happens too often then this indicates a certain health problem, especially if the discharge is not normal, this can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome which affects the function of the large intestine. in the body.

If such conditions occur, it will result in the intestine not being able to work normally which will make the stomach become contracted and will affect the increased desire for bowel movements. Or you can also experience symptoms of bloating and diarrhea. If this condition often occurs, it is better to immediately visit a doctor to find out problems related to your health.

Tips on How to Prevent Stomach Pain After Eating

Pay Attention to Daily Eating Habits

You can change your daily eating habits to avoid stomachaches after eating. For example you can eat lighter food at breakfast as a source of energy such as bread and fruits, do not immediately eat heavy foods such as rice. To prevent stomach acid from rising, you can do this by not eating any food about 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Paying attention to Fiber Intake

Adequate fiber intake will make the digestive system healthy. You can eat high-fiber foods such as vegetables or fruits, not only that you can also consume brown rice, beans, and whole wheat bread because these foods contain high enough fiber.

Water Needs Fulfilled

as we already know, that water is indeed very good for health. Therefore the need for water must be fulfilled so that digestion becomes healthy. Also pay attention if you drink caffeinated drinks because this can trigger contractions in the stomach.

Pay attention to eating foods that are too spicy

Eating very spicy foods is very tempting, but this can also trigger stomach pain and diarrhea.

Also pay attention to lactose intolerance

Do not carelessly consume dairy products if you experience lactose intolerance, because this can also cause diarrhea.

These are tips on how to prevent stomach pain after eating. There are many issues related to this one, but some of them can be prevented by the above method. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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